iTools for iOS 13.2.3

Are you looking for a better iOS data managing application for your Apple iOS device? Then this article will be about an amazing data managing app for your iOS which is known as iTools.In this article, we will elaborate on one of the latest versions of iTools for iOS 13 and read this full article to learn many interesting facts related to iTools for iOS 13.2.3!

What is iTools for iOS 13.2.3?

If you are an iPhone or any Apple device user, you might have not only heard but also using iTunes, which is the official data managing application introduced by the Apple manufacture to all the Apple users. Especially, you might be using the iTunes app daily to download music and other media files as iTunes are usually considered as the official media store of Apple iOS device users.

True that iTunes is a great media store that provides many media files to Apple devices, yet as a data managing app, it seems like iTunes has not become very much successful as many of the Apple iOS users have given up using it as a data managing app. As a result of this, most of the Apple users turned their heads towards alternative iOS data managing applications and here iTools for iOS can be also introduced as one such amazing alternative for Apple’s iTunes, which was introduced by the Thinksky software group!

Why iTools for iOS 13.2.3?

Comparing iTools with iTunes, as an alternative app to iTunes, iTools also contains almost all the features that can be identified in iTunes.Yet, iTunes seems like it has many interesting and other advanced features that will make Apple users use iTools. Now, let us identify a few of such outstanding features that iTools for iOS 13.2.3 has!

Free application

When it comes to Apple iOS devices, you know that everything costs high. Therefore, the same is applied to other alternative iOS data managing apps available on the web. Yet, talking about iTools for iOS 13.2.3, it is a free iOS data managing app.

Ringtone player

This can be shown as one of the most outstanding features that iTools for iOS has. With this, you will be able to create new ringtones for your Apple device while having the ability to customize them through your favorite songs.

Battery Master

When it comes to the iPhone and other Apple devices, the battery level is a major issue because many apps are consuming high power. Unlike those apps, iTools for iOS 13 will not consume not much power and in addition to that, it also shows indicators that will help you to see the battery consumption and maintain it efficiently.


One of the main issues Apple’s iTunes had was, it is somewhat difficult to handle because it has a complex nature. Yet, iTools has such an easy mechanism that is so easy to follow up and the only thing you ought to do is to download iTools for iOS 13 into your Apple iOS device.

Can manage iOS data via other operating systems- Managing iOS data via another operating system or even transporting things from and to other devices is a very much difficult task. However, with iTools for iOS, now you can easily connect your Apple iOS with another Windows device or any other device so that you can manage the data via that device too.

This is all you need to know about iTools for iOS 13.2.3! I hope you will have a better experience with iTools for iOS 13.2.3!

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