About iTools iOS 12.3

iTools is the best alternative for iTunes in iOS devices. Especially, many iOS users use this iTools as their main managing tool instead of iTunes which is already installed in their iOS devices. Thus, iTools consists of numerous choices than iTunes in administrating your iOS device which will be more convenient for you. However, this iTools updated different versions in order to give a better and efficient service for iOS users when they are fulfilling their different managing needs.iTools 4, iTools for Windows are some of the frequently heard updated of iTools.However, today in this article, we are going to focus on iTools iOS 12.3 and will elaborate on its special features. Keep up with us!

iTools iOS 12.3

iTools iOS 12.3 compatible devices

Since iTools iOS 12.3 is one of the latest iTools version released into the web market, it has the potential to support most of the very modern iOS devices. So, here are some of the compatible iPhones for iTools iOS 12.3 version,

  • iPhone 6/ 6S/ 6S plus/
  • iPhone 7/ 7 plus
  • iPhone 8/ 8 plus

Other than iPhones, iTools iOS 12.3 can support for other iOS devices like iPod, iPad also. Therefore, now let us identify some of the other iOS devices that are compatible with iTools iOS 12.3.

  • iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2/3/4
  • iPad 4
  • iPod Touch

Steps to get iTools iOS 12.3

Already feeling like you want get this amazing iTools iOS 12.3 version and experience its difference from other iTools iOS versions? Do not worry! Getting iTools iOS 12.3 would be very much easy for you.

However, before getting iTools 12.3, you need to have the below system requirements fulfilled in your device.

Needs a PC(Mainly due to iTools is a desktop application and therefore to work with iTools iOS 12.3, you need to have a PC)

Should have a compatible Windows or Mac operating system(Since iTools is compatible with both Windows and Mac, either you need to have Windows 10/8.1/7 version or XP or any Mac OS)

After completing these requirements, you can visit the official iTools website and download and update iTools iOS 12.3 version very easily.

After that, to use iTools iOS 12.3, you have to connect your iOS device to the PC fist and then you can successfully start working with iTools iOS 12.3.

Features of iTools iOS 12.3 and what can it do?

Below are some of the special features that can be identified with iTools iOS 12.3 version.


iTools iOS 12.3 is a very straightforward application than iTunes.Therefore, it is made of different options which come as solitary applications. This also makes the user choose multiple actions while performing one task.

Battery Master

iTools iOS 12.3 will save the consumption of your battery and will raise the battery performance of your device too.

Backup and restore

Without going through iTunes, now you can directly backup and restore your data from iTools 12.3.

Data Migrate

iTools 12.3 will more efficiently help you to transfer data of your iOS device to another device and also from another device to your one too.

To say simply, what iTools iOS 12.3 do is that it can manage everything in your iOS device including photos, videos, audios, voice memos and as well as any other sort of data.

So, why waste your time without using this amazing data managing iTools iOS 12.3?

Just get this and enjoy!

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