Looking for the best file managing application for your iPhone?Read this article to the end! You will get to know about the best file managing application for all Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and etc. So, we are going to unleash about this amazing file managing application called iTools download for iOS 13 version for you today. Do not forget to keep up with us!

iTools download for iOS 13

What is iTools download for iOS 13?

Have you heard a similar word to iTunes?Everyone knows the answer for that would be iTunes!So, yeah, introducing iTools for iOS 13 would be easy if you are already familiar with iTunes in iOS devices!

To say in simple words, iTools for iOS 13 is another option you can use to manage your iOS devices without the need of Tunes. Therefore, iTools for iOS 13 consists of the many features that can be seen in iTunes too.

Especially due to some of the issues that iOS customers had with iTunes, ThinkSky Software group developed this iTools application. However, instead of stopping there, they continue to create updates for iTools like iTools for Windows, iTools for iOS 11, iOS 12 and etc. So, iTools for iOS 13 is one of the another latest update of iTools which can manage iOS devices in a more advanced way!

What does it do?

The fundamental task of iTools download for iOS 13 is to manage an iOS device. If you are an iPhone or any other Apple device owner, you may know how difficult it is to manage an iOS device. That is also the reason why Apple manufacturer introduced iTunes for iOS users so that they can manage their device by using it. Yet, using iTunes is far for confusing and little bit complex than managing an iOS device.

How to get the iTools download for iOS 13?

Now, iTools download for iOS 13 version is available in the official iTools website. So, you can easily purchase it from there! Here are some tips for you on how to use iTools for iOS 13.

Get iTools for iOS 13 update or if not update your current iTools version to iOS 13 version

  • Open iTools for iOS 13 after downloading is over
  • Connect your device to a PC which is compatible and respond to your Apple device
  • Connect iTunes to connect your devices
  • You are done and you can start doing amazing with iTools for iOS 13 now.

Specifications of iTools download for iOS 13

Below are some of the interesting specifications you can use only in iTools for iOS 13 update!

Air Player

If you want to have a bigger screen and real movie watching feeling, you can use this! So, what this can do is, you will be able to connect your iDevice screen to a large screen monitor.


Rather than back up your data via iTunes, iTools iOS 13 can backup your data more efficiently

Data Migrating

One of the hardest parts of being an iOS user is, you have to go through a lot of difficulties to transfer the data to another device. Yet, with this feature, it will be n longer irritating process for you!

Battery Master

iTools download for iOS 13 has a battery master which includes an indicator of your battery consumption. Observing that, you can maintain your battery consumption and save the battery life of your device.

That’s about iTools download for iOS 13!Just get this and experience the more wonders that it can do!

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