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If you are an Apple user, you may be already familiar with iTunes which is a system software of iOS manufacturer. From iTunes, you can download many songs and it also helps to manage the device. However, some Apple users have found that managing the device through iTunes is rather a complicated and irritating process. Therefore, many Apple users turn on their heads for alternative iOS system managing Apps. Here, iTools for iOS 12.1.4 can be recognized as one of the modern version of iTools which is quite similar to Apple iTunes and as software which helps you to manage your device very easily.

iTools for iOS 12.1.4

iTools for iOS 12.1.4

What is the purpose and functions of iTools for iOS 12.1.4?

The fundamental function of iTools for iOS 12.1.4 is to manage your latest iOS devices. Therefore it can manage almost everything in your Apple devices such as Apps, Photos, Music, Videos and etc.

Apart from managing the device, it can also transfer data in your iOS device with another device like computers.

You will be also able to export, import and delete Apps, Photos, Videos, Books and etc via this modified version of iTools for iOS 12.1.4.

What are the special tools recognized in iTools for iOS 12.1.4?

Like mentioned previously, iTools for iOS 12.1.4 consists of almost every feature that can be identified in Apple iTunes  App and even more than that.

So one of the special features that are included in iTools for iOS 12.1.4 and not included in iTunes is the Ringtone Maker Tool. Especially, by using this amazing too available in iTools for iOS 12.1.4, you will be able to customize your favorite song as the ringtone of your iOS device.

Also, this iTools for iOS 12.1.4 have the Backup and Restore feature where you can easily backup data and restore them to your device.

Apart from that, this includes a video converter tool. From this tool, you will be able to transfer videos from mp3 to mp4 files is another special feature of this iTools for iOS 12.1.4.

How to get iTools for iOS 12.1.4?

Getting iTools for iOS 12.1.4 is very easy. You can simply download it from the official iTools web site and install it to your device. Then by connecting it to a computer via USB cable, you will be able to get the benefits of iTools for iOS 12.1.4 for your iOS device.

What are the issues of iTools for iOS 12.1.4?

When talking about the issues, the main issue with this is, it is quite an expensive App to purchase.

Some users also have found that iTools for iOS 12.1.4 is slow on their devices and takes a considerable time to load which wastes the valuable time of the users.

Apart from that, even the iTools for iOS 12.1.4 offer a free trial for its customers, some have found that it expires before they have time to use it. Also, they have found some issues related to the functionality of the device when using the free trial.

However, iTools for iOS 12.1.4 can be considered as the latest version of iTools which has many advantages than iTunes.

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