iTools 4 Download for Free

iTools 4 is the application similar to the Apple iTunes. It is specially developed for the Apple users and works as an alternative for the iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, and mac. The iTools 4 has varieties of the features which you generally will not find in the iTunes. It gives you an edge over the official iTunes store. iTunes is known for its multimedia facility where you can download and manage your multimedia features. In comparison, the iTools 4 provides some new features like file backup, Airplayer, and ringtone making features.

itools 4

iTools 4 Download Full Version

You can easily find the iTools new version 4 on many software download websites. There are several sites available on Google which provides the iTools 4 application to download for free. If you are the window users, then you can search for the key phrase iTools 4 crack for windows on Google. The website will appear at the top where you can easily download the application for the Windows operating system.

The mac users also can search for the term iTools 4 for Mac on Google and get their download file for mac. Installing mac file might require extra care so carefully follow the instruction given in the file to run on the mac device.

The websites you will find online are the mirror website allowing users to get the new version of the iTools 4 full version download on prefer devices. The websites are working as a middle person to share the application file with the users. You can also download iTools 4 for iOS 11 operating system.

iTools 4 Features

1) Backup, Restore Feature

One of the best-known features of the iTools 4 is you can backup your data and restore it with the iTools 4 version. It supports iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch data. It is easy to backup all your files in the iTools. All you need to do is just select the folder that you want to backup and use the backup feature to ask the tool to move to the backup of the file. The software will follow your instruction and it will backup your file. Whenever you want to restore it just select the restore and your file will be successfully restored in the device.

2) AirPlayer

The AirPlayer gives you immense accessibility to the multimedia features. You can watch videos, play games, browse the web and edit or view the document by using iTools 4. It works on all the iDevices. You can also run the AirPlayer on the Windows and Mac Pc. It also enables you to share your iPhone screen with your friends.

3) Image tool

The iTools 4free download has the latest features for organizing your images. You can manage your images in the order, move images between folders delete or edit it and create a dedicated album. The tool also has the facility to preview images in the original resolution of images. The sharing becomes easy with the new iTools 4 portable version. You can share your files between Mac and Windows computer without having any trouble.

4) Battery Master

The battery master is a most advanced feature available in the iTools 4 which allows you to manage your battery charge. It will show you information such as battery's overall health, fully charged cycles, capacity, boot voltage, battery temperature, SN, etc. It gives access to manage your battery more efficiently and increase the health of the battery.

5) Data Migration

The data migration from old devices to the new device is very comfortable by using the iTools 4 version. You can migrate all your multimedia files like images, videos, text document, podcast, pdf and audio files.

6) Ringtone Maker

The Ringtone Maker gives you access to make your own customize ringtone by using your own recording file. If you are bored with the default ringtone, then you can try this new feature to make your own ringtone with any song, sound clip, recording audio file or the video clip.

7) File Manager

The file manager is built to manage all your file on multiple devices. You can create separate folders and files to organize the data in the file manager. It is simple to use and access whenever you in need of your saved files. While accessing it from the PC, you can easily drag and drop the files into the folder.

8) Icon Arranger

The Icon Arranger is a useful tool for the Apple users. You might be having a various application on your iDevices. Arranging them is quite painful experience on the small screen of the iPhone. You can use Icon Arranger to access your screen on the PC and get the big screen in front of you to arrange the icons. You can move the icon on the desktop screen and re-arrange them. Also, you can delete them by using your computer. All your input will be applied to the connected iDevices.

9) Convert mp3 songs to m4r

You can convert your mp3 files into the m4r format by using mp3 converter available in the iTools software. You can also convert the video files into the mp4 format by using converter software.

iTools 4 for iPhone

The iTools 4 is the best option for the iPhone users. By using iTools for iPhone, you can manage your device data smartly. People generally store all their data in the iPhone, and the storage becomes a problem for them. By having the ITools 4 on your PC, you can easily backup your file on your desktop computer and clean the unwanted data from the iPhone. The iTools features help you to do more tasks and manage the unnecessary data without compromising the performance of your iDevices. The download of ITools is available in the many formats such as iTools 4 ipa and iTools 4 indir. Choose the relevant file format and get your personal iTools 4 application on your computer.

In Conclusion:

Compared to the iTune the iTools has many interesting features to use. It solves day to day problems of managing and accessing the data on iDevices. By using the iTools, you will feel comfortable accessing all your media files on your computer. Now you no need to rely on the iTunes anymore. Get some great features from iTools and start using it? The user interface is quite simple and design by understanding the user need. The flows of the iTunes software were solved in the iTools 4 application. So download it today and start utilizing it to manage all your iDevices.